Friday, May 14, 2010

May Days

Seeing as my last post was nearly two months ago I thought now would be a good time to update my 3 Followers (thanks followers!) on the progress of the kitchen renovation.

Photo #1 you can see our new little pantry, I really CAN'T WAIT to store our huge bags of dog food in the pantry. Yes, dog food storage is really number one on my list of reasons to be excited about the pantry.

Number two on my list of reasons to be excited about the pantry is WINE storage, but I'll save that for another post :)

The second photo is of more walls, and more old appliances. I know, we're all getting tired of seeing the old ugly stove and free standing sink. It will, however, make things more exciting once the new appliances arrive!

Under all the Tyvek cover isn't wood, or whatever is normally under Tyvek, it's tile flooring, ta daa!

You'll notice the ceiling and walls are painted...and yes, they are painted TWO different colors. For my 3 fans and stalkers out there you know how boring I can be when it comes to color selection. Do you honestly know anyone who has more grey sweaters than me? Didn't think so. The ceiling is white, and the walls are French Canvas, sounds lovely, no?

The cabinets should be arriving at the end of next week and the appliances are scheduled for delivery a few days later. Exciting things should be happening on the Kitchen-Aiding least if I take the time to write about them!

Happy Friday!

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